Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chris's Senior Portrait Shoot, Baton Rouge

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Chris plays the drums on the banks of the Mississippi
There are several things vital for capturing great images and  I always consider that capturing a persons true spirit is probably the most important.  When it came to taking Chris's senior pictures I new this wouldn't be a problem.  With an army of helpers we managed to move his drum set onto the river bank overlooking the Missippippi river.   I'd intended to just pose a few images but for someone like Chris it's impossible to sit at a drum kit and not have a jam session.  This worked out perfect as i moved around and climbed up and down getting the shots.

A selection of images from Chris's senior portrait session around Baton Rouge
 We worked our way around Baton Rouge, finding some cool walls and super interesting backgrounds.  You can see a selection of images from chris's shoot on the video below.  You can also download the video via i-tunes and then add it to your i-phone/ video ipod by clicking this link 

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